About us

The establishment of Elixir Group in 1998 was a step towards achieving a vision of a powerful and profitable agriculture. Today, with its 5 member Companies and over 1,500 employees, Elixir Group is one of the regional leaders in the chemical industry, the production of complex mineral fertilizers as well as other segments of agribusiness.

Our leading market position implies continual development and improvements to production processes.

With the latest technology and the work of highly qualified and well-trained staff, we secure the highest quality of the products. Investments in the Companies’ production capacities, product placement on global markets, as well as an increase in the number of domestic and foreign partners is responsible for Elixir Group experiencing a steady increase in annual revenues, of which as much as 70 percent came from exports.

Serbia is a country with exceptional natural resources, with over 5.7 million hectares of agricultural land, of which more than two million is highly productive. Agriculture participates with 21.9% in Serbia’s total exports, which illustrates that agriculture is the most profitable branch of the Serbian economy and, on the other hand, that Serbia’s possibilities in this sector are far greater. The goal of Elixir Group as a business system in the field of agribusiness is to become a regional the leader in the production of high-quality complex mineral fertilizers, intended for intensive plant production, and thus directly influence the quality of high and stable yields and guaranteed income in agricultural production. One of our priority orientations is sustainable development, rational use of natural resources, investments in advanced technological solutions for the purpose of protecting the environment as well as accountability to the coming generations.

Our Vision is the creation of a powerful and profitable agriculture, the return of Serbia and our domestic products into old and the conquest of new markets through the utilization of domestic and foreign experience, with an emphasis on trusted scientific and educational institutions from the country and abroad.