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The leading brand. A reliable partner. Support for the community.

Elixir Group is a business system that is continuously developing in the field of chemical industry and agribusiness, through numerous projects dedicated to sustainable development, application of the circular economy model and improvement of resource efficiency.

For more than three decades, by applying the best technologies, innovative and sustainable solutions, Elixir Group has been setting standards in terms of quality of chemical products and industrial services. The company was founded in 1990 and has been developing through the privatization of manufacturing companies and continuous investments, with which Elixir Group has improved the 80-year tradition of the chemical industry and has become the regional leader in Southeast Europe.

Today, our business system consists of 6 companies that collaborate with each other with more than 1,800 employees. That people are our greatest strength and asset is confirmed by a stable and dedicated team of experienced professionals and a constant influx of young talents.

Elixir Group business system creates its development strategy on the basis of quality and cooperation, through strong support for the sustainable development of the local communities in which it operates and the improvement of long-term competitiveness on the international market.

Activities of the business system

Chemical Division

Elixir Group is the leading producer of phosphoric acid and complex mineral fertilizers in Southeast Europe with two production complexes in Šabac and Prahovo. With an annual production of over one million tons, we sell 70% of our products to foreign markets in over 80 countries on all continents.

Eco Energy divizija

Eco Energy Division

The Eco Energy Division is being developed through technologically modern waste management operations, including recycling and reuse of waste with the Waste to Energy concept. In this way, we contribute to the rational use of available resources and the preservation of the environment.

Industrial Services Division

Elixir Group offers clients services and support in the field of logistics and transport, construction and maintenance, cooperation in the field of circular economy and waste management, as well as design services.

Elixir Group is the innovator and initiator of changes and technological improvements

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Annual reports of Elixir Group business system

See reports on business, social impact and environmental protection.

Synergy for Success

Elixir Zorka is the regional leader in the production of complex mineral fertilizers on the market of Southeast Europe. The product portfolio includes various NP, PK and NPK formulations of the highest quality, with a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water solubility in the soil.

Elixir Prahovo is 1 of 6 factories in Europe that produces phosphoric acid, a strategically important raw material for the production of mineral fertilizers and widely used in many industrial branches. The production processes of the chemical division are vertically technologically integrated. Part of the produced phosphorus component is used in our own production of complex mineral fertilizers and other products, and part after a complex purification process is placed on the domestic and foreign markets.

Elixir Prahovo

Thanks to expert and efficient teams with state-of-the-art equipment, Elixir Craft provides high quality service in the areas of construction and maintenance of all production and infrastructure capacities of Elixir Group business system, as well as to third parties.

Elixir Feed is the exclusive distributor of a large number of renowned global manufacturers of animal feed additives, whose sales range includes all components necessary for the production of quality animal feed and premixes.

Elixir Fondacija, in cooperation with local communities, representatives of city administrations and local communities, institutions, organizations and associations, determines priorities and provides support, realizing the idea of the well-being of the entire community.

Locations where we operate

All Elixir Group companies are administratively and logistically networked and located on the banks of the rivers Danube and Sava, through which they are connected to the whole world by waterways. Locations where we operate – Prahovo, Šabac, Belgrade, Novi Sad.

Mapa Srbije i kompanije Elixir Group

Responsibility and sustainability

Responsibility in everything we do and sustainability for all are fundamental principles in Elixir Group’s business. Today, Elixir is the name for quality all over the world thanks to knowledge and continuous improvement in every segment of our business. That is why employees are one of the pillars on which we base the success of Elixir Group. Preservation of capacities, continuous improvement of technology, compliance with the highest standards and European regulations, as well as occupational safety and health of all employees, are imperative in our work. The second important pillar is the community in which we create and its well-being. We confirm our commitment to the community by supporting numerous projects that contribute to sustainable development. I am convinced that the synergy with the community, resulting from understanding and cooperation, provides an opportunity for mutual growth and development. Thanks to the vision of building legacy through sustainable development, we remain the leading brand, a reliable partner and a support for the community.

Stanko Popović, president of Elixir Group

We are resource-responsible and innovation-driven

Caring for people and community comes first

We create an environment that future generations will be proud of and we are responsible for resources by applying the principles of circular economy.

Sustainable development

Experts with many years of experience

The business system is run by a team of people with many years of experience, committed and dedicated.

Stvaramo nasledje porodica

What are we striving for?

We build a legacy through sustainable development for the benefit of the community and the success of each individual.

Elixir Group istorija i tradicija

A long tradition of business

Success based on more than 80 years of tradition with constant improvements creates new potential for sustainable development.

We are the winners of numerous awards and recognitions

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