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Elixir Zorka is the regional leader in the production of complex mineral fertilizers.

Elixir Zorka is the leader in the production of mineral fertilizers in Southeast Europe. The production portfolio consists of over 30 different formulations of complex NP, PK and NPK fertilizers of the highest quality, with a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water solubility in the soil. All Elixir Zorka products are designed to improve plant nutrition, increase application efficiency and profit in production while minimizing negative impacts on the environment.

High quality product, wide product portfolio, application of the most modern technologies are all here to meet the needs of customers from all over the world and preserve the environment. We are focused on the application of the circular economy model in the production process through the Waste to Chemicals concept, which enables the reuse of recyclable chemicals as alternative raw materials in the production process. Capacities for the processing of recyclable chemicals are under development and, along with other planned projects, the plan is to completely decarbonize the business by 2030.

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Production program

We create optimal solutions for farmers around the world, relying on knowledge and understanding of their demands and needs.

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Fertilization recommendations

By choosing products from the range of the brand Elixir Zorka mineral fertilizers, based on the analysis of the soil and the needs of the crops/plantings, agricultural producers enable the cultivated plants to have a balanced growth and development, as well as stable and high yields.

Excellent logistics connection

Mapa Srbije i kompanije Elixir Group

Elixir Zorka industrial complex is located on the banks of the Sava River near the city of Šabac, about 80 km from Belgrade. Elixir Zorka is the operator of the international Port of Šabac. A favorable position and developed railway, road and river transport enable efficient logistics of all types of goods and respect of deadlines for partners. We also provide transport and logistics services to third parties.

Technological processes

Elixir Zorka is focused on constant innovation and the application of the latest technologies in the field of mineral fertilizers with the aim of providing its customers with top quality products.

Elixir Zorka complex mineral fertilizers are produced by a chemical reaction, which takes place between the liquid components in a tubular reactor, after which, with the addition of solid raw materials, secondary and microelements, granules are formed whose nutrient content is uniform and easily adoptable by all plant species in all types of soil.

The process of chemical granulation has a number of advantages compared to other available technologies for the production of mineral fertilizers, such as:

  • The possibility of obtaining a wide range of NP, PK and NPK formulations
  • High and uniform quality of granules in the final product

Application of international standards

When designing the factory, the most modern technological solutions were applied, so that Elixir Zorka fully meets domestic and European quality standards as well as the most demanding European environmental norms. The installed equipment and technology is in accordance with the BAT requirements EU of the EU for the production of NPK fertilizers, and the production processes are aligned with the HAZOP analysis system.



We are aware that the preservation of the environment is of primary importance for the life of each of us and the life of future generations. The focus of business is employee safety, environmental protection and a healthy environment. The established management system for environmental protection is implemented by applying the principles of sustainable development and cleaner production, while respecting all acts of Serbian, regional, and European legislation.

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Elixir Zorka Top Management

The company is run by people with many years of international experience and expertise in the chemical industry.

Elixir Zorka direktor drustva
Stefan Komazec

Company Director

Luka Rajaković
Luka Rajaković

Company Deputy Director for Accounting, Financial Administration and Purchasing

Elixir Zorka Direktor kapitalnih investicija

Capital Investments Director

Nikola Belobaba

Director of Mineral Fertilizer Production

Miroslav Zec

Maintenance Director 

Elixir Zorka Direktor lučko-logističkih operacija

Assistant Director of Mineral Fertilizer Production

Elixir Zorka Direktor EHS

EHS Director

We have been building up our knowledge since 1938.

Find out more about the history of business system development and what events have marked it over the past eight decades.

85 years of tradition

Elixir Zorka

Hajduk Veljkova 1
15000 Šabac, Srbija

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