Industrial Chempark Prahovo

Industrijsko hemijsi park Prahovo divizija Elixir Group

The first industrial chempark in Serbia

Industrial and Chempark Prahovo is being built on the right bank of the Danube in Prahovo.

Following the example of the most successful production centers throughout Europe, Industrial Chempark Prahovo implies the concept of individual and sustainable solutions for performing basic production activities.

This concept will allow future investors to start production quickly, without investing in infrastructure and related facilities. In this way, the initial investments and the time required to place the product on the market are significantly reduced.

Cost-effectiveness and efficiency

The location on the Danube and the existing infrastructure of the industrial complex in Prahovo represents an excellent basis for further industrial and logistics development of this location.

The complex covers a total area of about 330 hectares, of which 134 hectares are intended for the development of various contents of the industrial chempark organized into several units.

Organizational units of the Industrial Chempark Prahovo

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Elixir Group – A reliable partner for investors

An attractive location for investors from all over the world

Direct connection with Hydroelectric Power Station Đerdap II as a large resource for the production of electrical energy from renewable sources, connection with the railway and road transport network and waterways via the Port of Prahovo, with the availability of strategic raw materials for the chemical industry are just some of the advantages of this location that supports ambitious development projects of Elixir Group, and creates the potential to attract new investors from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world.


Construction and maintenance of production plants

We provide complete service in the design and construction process, full support for production processes through investment maintenance and all types of service support.

Construction and maintenance
Podrška partnerima

A significant driving force of economic trends in Serbia and the region

What do the users of the Industrial Chempark Prahovo get?

Port operator

All types of docking and transshipment of barges, trains and trucks.

Traffic operator inside the park

Coordination of railway traffic with multiple lines and a railway station, as well as regulation of road traffic with defined locations for transshipment stations, depots and parking lots.

Electrical power

Within the industrial complex there is a high-voltage substation 110/10 KV with a power of 2 x 31.5 MW.


The modern laboratory offers a wide range of physical and chemical tests and analyses.


Current steam production is 55 tons per hour. A facility for the thermal treatment of solid and liquid waste (up to 60,000 tons per year) is planned, with thermal energy, which will be used to produce an additional 45 tons of steam per hour.

Industrial waste management

Management of all types of industrial waste generated in the operation of production facilities.

Water supply

A pumping station on the Danube with a capacity of 4 x 650 m³ per hour provides water supply to the industrial complex and for fire protection.


Organization of transport, storage and other logistics operations.

Other activities of the business system

Chemical Division

Elixir Group is the leading producer of phosphoric acid and complex mineral fertilizers in Southeast Europe with two production complexes in Šabac and Prahovo. With an annual production of over one million tons, we sell 70% of our products to foreign markets in over 85 countries on all continents.

Eco Energy Division

The complete substitution of fossil fuels with alternative energy sources from renewable sources represents the next step in the development of the chemical industry and business system. The Eco Energy division was created based on the vision of sustainable development.

Industrial Services Division

Elixir Group offers clients services and support in the field of logistics and transport, construction and maintenance, cooperation in the field of circular economy and waste management, as well as design services.

Environmental protection

Preservation of the environment is of primary importance for the life of each of us, as well as for the life of future generations.


Being responsible for the environment in which we create, technological processes in our facilities are aligned with all relevant legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia and European standards, directives and goals.


We are committed to global and regional goals of sustainable development, decarbonization of production and business processes, and continuous improvements in resource and technological efficiency.


We measure the successfulness of sustainable industrial development through the contribution to the development of local communities and the satisfaction of our fellow citizens.