The application of microgranulated fertilizers achieves faster, more intensive and more efficient growth and development of plants. This leads to a more uniform structure, faster assembly of rows, less development of weeds, but also better conservation of moisture in the crop

The Elixir MICRO GRAN product line includes microgranulated complex mineral fertilizers developed using the latest technologies:

  • Dust Prills Free (DPF) – prevents the appearance of dust particles in the final product
  • MICRO GRAN technology – is specially designed for the production of granules with dimensions of 0.5-1.2 mm

Elixir Zorka microgranulated starter fertilizers have a well-balanced ratio of nutrients: primary, secondary and essential microelements, which stimulate plant growth in the initial stages of development and contribute to better plant rooting.

Thanks to ultra-localized application (along with seeds), highly water-soluble nutrients and granules with a size of 0.5-1.2 mm, a larger contact surface with the soil is achieved, faster diffusion of nutrients, and thus their intensive uptake by plants.

The goal of using microgranulated fertilizers is more precise dosing and distribution of mineral fertilizers for more efficient utilization of nutrients by plants.

Fertilizer formulations from the Elixir MICRO GRAN line

NutriBOOST NP 10:45

NutriBOOST NP 10:45 + 5% S + 1% Zn is a new generation microgranulated fertilizer with a special additive that protects phosphorus (P) from blocking in the soil, preventing its reaction with other elements such as Ca, Al and Fe

SuperStart NP 10:35

Super Start NP 10:35 + 5% S + 2% Mg + 2% Zn. Thanks to the high content of highly water-soluble phosphorus (P) and zinc (Zn), it helps plants to form a developed and powerful root system, thereby promoting and accelerating their initial growth

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Elixir Basic

By applying the formulations from the BASIC line, you enable the cultivated plant species to grow quickly, uniformly and with greater physical stability of the crop. Such plants are much more tolerant to unfavorable climatic influences, achieve higher, more stable yields and ensure safety in agricultural production.

Elixir Premium

The microelements with which the PREMIUM line is specially enriched are highly water-soluble and easily available to plants. By using these formulations, you additionally influence the proper growth and development of plants, thanks to primary and secondary macroelements.

Elixir Supreme

What makes the SUPREME product line special is potassium (K), which is found in sulfate form (SOP) in most formulations. This production line is enriched with carefully selected microelements and is the best solution for specific plant crops and for all types of soil.

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