Chemical Division

Hemijska divizija poslovnog sistema Elixir Group

Chemical division is the driving force of the business system

Elixir Group Business system is the regional leader in the chemical industry. More than 70% of production is exported to more than 80 countries on all continents.

Since 2012, when Elixir Group privatized the factories that today operate within Elixir Prahovo and Elixir Zorka members, the development of domestic products in the chemical industry has been initiated. After reconstruction of existing and construction of new production capacities, Elixir offers more than 30 formulations of mineral fertilizers, several grades of purified phosphoric acid, as well as other chemical products that are used as raw materials in various industries. The quality of the product has conquered the global market. More than a million end users worldwide are proof of the business success.

The production capacities of Elixir Group chemical division are vertically technologically integrated. Elixir Zorka and Elixir Prahovo products are marketed on the domestic and foreign markets through the sales and distribution network of Elixir Agrar, which provides its clients with all necessary logistics and advisory support.

Products of the chemical division

We offer our clients appropriate solutions adapted to their needs and requirements.

Fosforna kiselina industrijskog kvaliteta

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is a strategic product due to the possibility of independently controlling the composition of phosphoric acid of industrial and technical grade.

Mineral fertilizers

Elixir Zorka complex mineral fertilizers are characterized by a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water solubility in the soil.

Aluminijum fluorid visokog kvaliteta

Aluminum fluoride

AlumoFluor (AlF3) is a high quality product, with high concentration (typically more than 97%) and low content of impurities.

Expertise and knowledge. Tradition and quality. Logistics.

Modern factories

Technologically advanced production complexes and experts with many years of experience.

Wide range of products

More than 40 products that meet the needs of the global market.

Long tradition

Experience that has been built up for more than 80 years with constant improvements.

International standards

Application of international standards in production processes and high product quality.

Efficient transport

Connectivity with the whole world by water, rail and road traffic.

Global trends

Monitoring and understanding the needs of the global market, continuous development and improvements.

Member companies of chemical division

Elixir Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo has a tradition of more than 60 years in the production of chemical products. After privatization in 2012 and modernization of all facilities and infrastructure, the production of phosphoric acid was started in 2013 and of mineral fertilizers in 2017. The reconstructed aluminum fluoride factory started operating in 2021.

Elixir Zorka

Elixir Zorka is synonymous with the production of mineral fertilizers in the region with a tradition longer than 80 years. After the new factory was built in 2013, Zorka offers a range of NP, PK and NPK mineral fertilizers of the highest quality.

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Utilization of resources and introduction of new technologies

The most important strategic goals of the business system are aimed at increasing production capacity and improving resource efficiency in the chemical division through the application of circular economy principles.

The development of the Chemical Division is aimed at new technologies for the purification of phosphoric acid and the production of chemicals on that basis, the expansion of the assortment of mineral fertilizers and the comprehensive improvement of resource efficiency.

More on circular economy

Product development in accordance with market demands

We offer clients solutions adapted to specific soil compositions, plant cultures and climatic conditions. We successfully respond to the challenges of modern agriculture and agribusiness in accordance with international standards by applying the best technologies.

Laboratorija Elixir Zorke proizvodi

Alternative and renewable energy sources as a strategic goal

The complete substitution of fossil fuels with alternative energy sources from renewable sources represents the next step in the development of the chemical industry and the business system. The Eco Energy division was formed based on the vision of sustainable development.

Development of the industrial chempark

Elixir Group business system applies its long tradition, knowledge and resources within the most important investment project of ICP Prahovo. Future new plants of the chemical industry have the opportunity to use all the advantages of the existing infrastructure and industrial services provided by the park operator, that is, to focus on the development of production processes and new products.

IHP Prahovo budućnot hemijske industrije

Environmental protection

Preservation of the environment is of primary importance for the life of each of us, as well as for the life of future generations.


Being responsible for the environment in which we create, technological processes in our facilities are aligned with all relevant legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia and European standards, directives and goals.


We are committed to global and regional goals of sustainable development, decarbonization of production and business processes, and continuous improvements in resource and technological efficiency.


We measure the successfulness of sustainable industrial development through the contribution to the development of local communities and the satisfaction of our fellow citizens.