Environmental protection in the focus of business

Responsible for the environment in which we create by applying the principles of sustainable development.

We are aware that the preservation of the environment is of primary importance for the life of each of us and the life of future generations. Elixir Group focuses on employee safety, environmental protection and a healthy environment. The company’s comprehensive approach to environmental protection is the use of the best sources of energy and raw materials, effective waste management and innovations provided by the most modern technologies.

The established environmental protection management system is implemented by applying the principles of sustainable development and cleaner production with respect for all documents of Serbian, regional and European legislation.

We do business responsibly

We are committed to global and regional goals of sustainable development, decarbonization of production and business processes, and continuous improvements in resource and technological efficiency. Responsible for the environment in which we create, technological processes in our facilities are in compliance with all relevant legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia and European standards, directives and goals.

Integrated approach to environmental protection

Elixir Group respects all valid legal regulations in the field of environmental protection, safety and health of people, as well as of material goods.

Continuous monitoring

We apply the best available technologies and continuously monitor the impact on the environment.

Safety in focus

We implement all measures related to the system of managing the safety of people and resources.

Reduced use of water as a natural resource

By recirculating the water used in our production processes, we do not generate waste water and thus preserve this natural resource.

Responsible waste management

Improving the management of all waste streams, respecting the waste management hierarchy defined through the National Waste Management Strategy, with a special emphasis on the prevention of waste generation.

Focused on achieving the goals of sustainable development

Elixir Group, in addition to investing in new technologies, provides support to the communities in which it operates and contributes to their sustainable development with numerous activities. The goals of sustainable development represent the framework of Elixir’s business strategy and build a platform for the continuous improvement of sustainable business and relations with the environment

The transition from linear to circular economy, in addition to the energy transformation that includes a series of strategic and operational improvements, implies the sustainability of the entire community in which we operate.

Cirkularna ekonomija

We continuously monitor our impact on the environment. All our production processes apply BAT references from EC BREF documents.

We build a legacy through sustainable development

Integrated part of the company’s strategy

Realizing our vision of the legacy we build through sustainable development, for the benefit of the community and the success of each individual, quality is an important part of Elixir’s business strategy in relation to partners and customers.

We launch CSR projects

With the aim of constantly improving the contribution of its contribution to the community, Elixir initiates and participates in numerous projects whose focus is on youth, education, health, vulnerable categories of society, sports, culture and the preservation of tradition and culture.

Circular economy is our focus

In accordance with the principles of sustainability and the transition from linear to circular economy, Elixir Group aims to reduce its carbon footprint, to establish a carbon-neutral business and to use alternative raw materials in production processes.