Social responsibility

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A member company Elixir Fondacija is a reliable partner and support for the community.

Our mission is strengthening local communities and their further development. We recognize needs, provide support, develop partnerships and create new value that contributes to improving the quality of life. Our vision is that local communities, strengthened with knowledge, with developed capacity, through partnerships and cooperation, solve the challenges of further progress and development, and our goal is for the community to be ready to respond to the needs of all its members, with a developed awareness of creating equal opportunities for realization of equal rights.

In its activities, the Elixir Fondacija is guided by the universal principles of the welfare of the community, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs, as well as the ethics of benefactors and donors, whose actions and commitment to the community in which they created are a permanent inspiration.

You can find below all the information on how we can support you.

Elixir Fondacija as a support for the realization of the vision of building a legacy

We strengthen the development of local communities

We believe that through mutual understanding we contribute to common progress, which is why we support projects that focus on improving people’s living conditions and contribute to sustainable development.

We provide support to young people

Children and young people are the focus of our interest. We support the improvement of educational conditions, active and healthy life of young people.

We support ecological projects and care about environmental protection

Contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), responsibility and solidarity with the community are only part of our awareness of belonging to the community and the obligation to share challenges with it and protect our environment.

We contribute to the improvement of social protection

In the field of social protection, we support the Foundation “Humane heart of Šabac”, which provides assistance to financially disadvantaged and disabled people. A measure of responsibility towards others is the ability to recognize their needs and provide adequate support.

We preserve cultural heritage

With the conviction that culture is the base of a society and the measure of its development, we support projects that contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage, the affirmation of artistic programs and the nurturing of traditional and historical heritage.

We are an active member of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum

Elixir Fondacija has been a member of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum since its establishment, and the manager of Elixir Fondacija, Margareta Musić, has been a member of the SPF Board of Directors since 2021.

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Socially responsible projects and initiatives

Every year we donate hundreds of millions of dinars to vulnerable groups and participate in important projects that contribute to improving the quality of life.

Our activities are focused on the communities in which we operate, but we also send help outside the borders of our country.

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How can we support you?

If you have an idea that is in line with our goals, you need to download, fill out and send us a Donation Request.


Fill out and send us the request

Emphasize all the details that are asked for in the request and highlight the impact that you will achieve by realizing your idea. Send the request to

Decision of the Board of Directors of Elixir Fondacija

After the requests are collected, once a month, and sometimes more often, the Board makes a decision on providing assistance and supporting initiatives.



If your initiative is selected and if it gets our support, you will receive an answer as soon as possible and you will be personally contacted.

Together we succeed in our best intentions

In cooperation with partner organizations and institutions, we support various projects. Become our partner

Social responsibility in the work environment as well

People come first

In accordance with the idea that people are the most important link in the chain of our values, Elixir Group has been showing commitment to each team member through various benefits for many years – taking care of the health and future of employees.