A reliable partner on the global market

Products of the Elixir Group chemical division

Elixir Group is the leading producer of phosphoric acid in the region and the largest producer of complex mineral fertilizers in Southeast Europe.

Since the establishment of our factories in 1938 and 1958, we have been meeting the needs of industry and local industry, and since the moment of privatization, modernization and diversification, our focus has been on providing solutions and support to various industries on all continents, from chemical to automotive, aluminium to agricultural.

More than 70% of production is exported to more than 80 countries on all continents. Elixir Zorka and Elixir Prahovo products are marketed on the domestic and foreign markets through the sales and distribution network of Elixir Agrar, which provides its clients with all necessary logistical and advisory support.

Production program

Fosforna kiselina industrijskog kvaliteta

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is a strategic product due to the possibility of independently controlling the composition of phosphoric acid of industrial and technical quality.

Mineral fertilizers

Elixir Zorka complex mineral fertilizers are characterized by a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water solubility in the soil.

Aluminijum fluorid visokog kvaliteta

Aluminium Fluoride

Aluminium fluoride is a high-quality product, with a high concentration (typically more than 97%) and a low content of impurities.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Products for your needs

We develop products in accordance with the needs of clients in the global market.

Timely distribution

Excellent logistic connection with the whole world and provision of services in the organization of transport.

Environmental responsibility

By applying the principles of circular economy, we use the full potential of resources.

Innovation and new technologies

By continuously investing in production processes, we follow world trends.

European standards

All production processes and products are in accordance with EU standards and regulations.

A long tradition in the chemical industry

Expertise in the production of chemical products has been built up for more than 80 years.

We export to more than 85 countries on all continents

From the factory to the end consumers

Elixir Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo has a tradition of more than 60 years in the production of chemical products. After privatization in 2011 and modernization of the plant, the production of phosphoric acid began in 2014, and of mineral fertilizers in 2017. The reconstructed aluminium trifluoride factory began operations in 2021.

Elixir Zorka

Elixir Zorka is synonymous with the production of mineral fertilizers in the region with a tradition longer than 80 years. After the new factory was built in 2013, Zorka offers mineral fertilizers of the highest quality.