The Elixir PREMIUM line includes formulations whose content is specially enriched with secondary macro and microelements

Complex mineral fertilizers from the PREMIUM line provide cultivated plants with all the necessary nutrients for more efficient and smooth growth and development, which ensures a stable, high and quality yield.

Microelements are in sulfate form.

They are highly water-soluble and easily available to plants, and complement the impact on plant growth and development provided by primary and secondary macroelements.

With precise microelement dosing systems, the content of microelements is uniform in each granule.

Fertilizer formulations from the Elixir PREMIUM line

AmoSulfan belongs to the category of nitrogen fertilizers. It is extremely suitable for feeding all types of plants. The use of AmoSulfan significantly improves the availability and uptake of phosphorus on alkaline and neutral soils

NutriVeg NPK 10:10:20 +2% MgO +9% S +0.2% B +0.1% Zn is a complex, solid mineral fertilizer, the application of which provides complete nutrition to cultivated plants with all necessary macro and microelements during the production process cycle

This formulation is characterized by a high content of phosphorus (P) with the addition of secondary macroelements and microelements zinc (Zn). By applying NutriMAP, we achieve stable and high yields of cultivated crops

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By applying the formulations from the BASIC line, you enable the cultivated plant species to grow quickly, uniformly and with greater physical stability of the crop. Such plants are much more tolerant to unfavorable climatic influences, achieve higher, more stable yields and ensure safety in agricultural production.

What makes the SUPREME product line special is potassium (K), which is found in sulfate form (SOP) in most formulations. This production line is enriched with carefully selected microelements and is the best solution for specific plant crops and for all types of soil.

Elixir Zorka microgranulated starter fertilizers have a well-balanced ratio of nutrients: primary, secondary and essential microelements, which stimulate plant growth in the initial stages of development and contribute to better plant rooting.

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