Waste management

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Within the Eco Energy division, with the goal of rational use of resources and environmental protection, we deal with the management of various types of waste.

The operator of Eco Lager facilities provides its partners and clients with solutions for safe and efficient collection, temporary storage and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. We provide waste management services in accordance with the regulations prescribed by law and issued premits. We apply the highest EU standards in all processes.

Your waste becomes our concern

Our focus is the final disposal of industrial waste, with the full involvement of our technologists

You are in compliance with the law

We help you meet your legal obligations

Our solutions are fast

We provide the service of collecting and transporting industrial waste, without your additional involvement

We save your money

We ensure that you do not incur additional costs because you have not disposed of waste

You are safe with us

We take care of your assets and safety during the entire waste collection process

With us you are Eco Friendly

Waste disposal is part of achieving the goals of environmental protection and sustainable development

The waste management services we provide

Waste collection

IBy inspecting the waste at your location, we determine the appropriate waste handling conditions. We organize waste sampling and characterization by an accredited laboratory. We provide all necessary packaging that is adequate for waste in accordance with ADR regulations. We carry out repackaging of waste in compliance with the strictest standards of safety and environmental protection. Our team is trained to handle hazardous materials. Waste is packaged and labeled in accordance with ADR and other regulations governing the field of waste management. For the client’s needs, we organize the transport of waste as well as the preparation of accompanying documentation.

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Temporary waste storage

Waste storage is carried out in warehouses that meet all HSE requirements and EU standards at the locations in Šabac and Prahovo. Hazardous waste is stored in closed halls lined with bund walls, and non-hazardous waste is stored outdoors, for which we have permits issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Waste is stored in strictly controlled conditions with 24/7 supervision and the application of the strictest safety and environmental protection regulations. Our professional team with many years of experience in handling hazardous materials is on site.

Waste disposal

After temporary storage, the waste is handed over to our partners who have the possibility of final disposal, in accordance with the permits they have. Our goal is to provide you with solutions that are adapted to your needs and that will allow you to comply with national and international regulations in the field of waste management.

Eco Lager upravljanje otpadom
Eco Lager upravljanje otpadom

Waste is classified in accordance with the Rules on categories, testing and classification of waste.

Waste Index numbers for which we have permits

Find the index number of the waste you generate and which you can dispose of with us

List of waste index numbers

An integrated approach to waste management

Collectors’ network

Cooperation with operators and waste generators on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Eco Lager facilities

Temporary storage and physical treatment of waste in Eco Lager facilities.

Waste to Energy

Facilities for the reuse of waste for energy purposes.

We dispose of waste for more than 80 companies

We are guided by our vision to build a legacy through sustainable development

We protect the environment

Hazardous waste that is not stored in accordance with regulations can be extremely harmful to the environment and cause adverse consequences.

We reduce CO2 emissions

Circular economy projects contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions that would be emitted in the raw material production process.

We reduce the consumption of fossil fuels

Through Waste to Energy projects, we influence the reduction of CO2 and the substitution of fossil fuels for obtaining thermal and electrical energy.

We create a responsible society

The establishment of cooperation between companies and increased awareness of possibilities is an inspiration to all participants in the waste management process.

Our clients are guided by the same vision

We can describe the two-year cooperation with Elixir Group as very successful, professional and aimed at achieving mutual business success.

Hip-Petrohemija d.o.o. Pančevo always strives to establish a stable partnership with operators in the process of responsible waste management

Since our companies share the same values, we hope for future permanent cooperation with Elixir Group in the spirit of good business practice, as before

Nevena Bekić, Leading expert associate for procurement of raw materials and chemicals

Do you need to dispose of waste?

Our team is here to answer all your waste disposal questions.