Services that provide efficiency to our partners

We provide clients with adequate support in various processes and phases of business.

Good logistics connectivity is a feature of our production complexes located on the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers. The operation of ports and internal railway tracks are available to third parties. More than 1.5 million tons per year, of various types of cargo, are transported by vessels from our ports. Elixir Group is recognized as a reliable partner in the field of transport and forwarding. In recent years, transshipment of dangerous goods, oversize cargo and container transport have been growing.

A highly professional team working on the design and execution of large construction and civil engineering investment projects is at the disposal of the users of the Industrial Chempark Prahovo, as well as of third parties. Maintenance jobs and specialist services in production complexes provide assurance to our partners that there will be no downtime and that high quality standards will be met.

In terms of environmental protection, we make the biggest contribution through the circular economy models we apply. Today, waste management is one of the services that greatly affects the preservation of the environment where, in synergy with more than 80 partners, we adequately dispose of waste. Through the treatment of certain materials, we restore value to waste and turn it into a socially useful product in our production.

Services that Elixir Group provides to clients

Elixir Group is the leader in the chemical industry of Southeast Europe with a wide range of activities


Complete service in accordance with the all in one place system. We can implement any of your transport ideas respecting the criteria of cost optimization.

Privremeno skladistenje Eco Lager postrojenja

Waste management

We provide solutions for safe and efficient collection, temporary storage and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Construction and maintenance

We provide complete service in the design and construction process, full support for production processes through investment maintenance and all types of service support.

IHP Prahovo budućnot hemijske industrije

We rely on development and investment in infrastructure capacities.

A wide range of activities

Elixir Group is the regional leader in its industry. We follow world trends and invest in the development of our own resources – sustainable development of the region is our mission.

All Elixir Group Business System companies are logistically connected

They are located in the cities on the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers – the transport arteries of the region. Many years of experience in transporting cargo for our own needs and operating ports have influenced the expansion of activities and the provision of services to third parties.

Waste to Energy concept

Within the Eco Energy division, with the goal of rational use of resources and environmental protection, we are focused on circular economy and deal with the management of various types of waste.

Infrastructure development

The development of production complexes also initiates large infrastructure investments. Design, construction and maintenance are the expertise of our engineering team.