Education and cooperation

Obrazovanje i saradnje Karijera

Education and cooperation that we successfully build

All members of the Elixir Business System cooperate with relevant partners in the field of education and employment.

Bearing in mind that the company Elixir Group operates at four locations in the country: Šabac, Prahovo, Novi Sad and Belgrade and has over 1,600 employees, cooperation with secondary and higher education institutions was implied from the very beginning of the company’s development. The intensity of the cooperation was particularly evident in moments of business expansion, where there was simultaneously a greater need for personnel with both secondary and higher education.

Our partners are all universities in Serbia.

The universities in Niš and Kragujevac, as well as the student organizations from these universities, are valuable partners for personnel solutions for our production member Elixir Prahovo. The faculties of the University of Novi Sad and Belgrade are the most common home faculties of employees in Šabac, Novi Sad and Belgrade.

Cooperation with secondary education institutions takes place at the level of all members. The latest examples are the Secondary Technical School and the Secondary Agricultural School in Negotin.

Projects we are involved in

Dual education             

Following the example of other European countries, the state of Serbia has recognized the benefits that are realized by applying the dual model of education and has therefore created the National Model of Dual Education. Such a combined model of education is an indicator of the interdependence of the economy and the education system of a country. The dual model of education enjoys the full support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technological Development and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Elixir Prahovo doniralo Tehničkoj školi opremu za praktičnu nastavu

What is dual education?

Dual education is a model where the curriculum of secondary and higher education institutions is implemented at two locations; in schools and faculties- where the theoretical part of the teaching takes place and at the employer’s – where the practical part of the teaching takes place, i.e. learning by doing continues.

The advantages of such a combined model are numerous. Pupils and students are given the opportunity to practically apply their newly acquired theoretical knowledge in a real environment and realistically perceive the results of their knowledge and skills. This model also provides pupils and students with an insight into work and the working environment within the framework of their chosen profession, an easier decision to continue their education and an easier transition to work after graduation.

Business entities that decide to participate in this type of education gain insight into the personnel market very early on, and are given the opportunity to identify the competencies of pupils and students, work on guidance and development in accordance with the values ​​and goals of the company.

Dual Education and Elixir Group

A good indicator of recognition of the importance of dual education by the Elixir Business System is the cooperation of our production member Elixir Prahovo with the Secondary Technical School and the Secondary Agricultural School in Negotin. Certain employees from Elixir Prahovo attended training sessions organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and after passing the exam they obtained the necessary qualifications for the title of instructor.

It is planned that, from September 2022, second-grade students of the Secondary Technical School from Negotin, majoring in  Locksmith-Welder and Network and Plant Electrician, will attend the practical part of the classes, under the guidance of the instructors in dual education. In September 2023, the company’s doors will be open for second-grade students of the Secondary Agricultural School from Negotin, majoring in Chemical Product Manufacturer. Upon completion of education, outstanding participants will be offered permanent employment.

Elixir Fondacija opremila informatički kabinet Tehničkoj školi

My First Salary

As one of the projects of a competent authority of the Republic of Serbia, which is operationally implemented by the National Employment Service, this program aims to train young people for work and to employ the young. My First Salary program enjoys the full support of the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ Social Affairs, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Finance, the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

My first salary

My First Salary in practice

The idea is to stimulate the employment of persons up to 30 years of age with secondary and higher education for a period of nine months at the expense of the National Employment Service. In this way, business people are enabled to mobilize new personnel without financial and contractual burden. In this way, young people get the opportunity for employment, work in real conditions and training. After the program implemented in this way, the much-needed, previous work experience is acquired, which enables young people to get the desired employment more easily. 

In this way, the companies, partners of the program got the opportunity to mobilize staff in which they are deficient, to rejuvenate their staff with hard-working and energetic people, to recognize their competencies and skills early and to build staff in accordance with the goals and values of the company.   

Elixir Group and My First Salary

All member companies, at all four business locations, have been qualified partners in the My First Salary program since the very beginning of the program in 2021. Different profiles of candidates were given the chance to start their careers. The experience is such that these are extremely ambitious young people with a great desire to improve their knowledge and skills. Along with mentoring, these candidates got the opportunity to be part of some of the biggest corporate projects.

At the end of nine months of internship, many interns were offered permanent employment, some of them have already advanced in their positions, and their experience is that from the very beginning of the cooperation, they felt that they were part of the Elixir family.

Polaznici MPP u Novom Sadu

Impressions of the interns

Maja Paunović

Maja got a job after only 6 months of working at Elixir Prahovo, as part of My First Salary program.

How? Maja made an exceptional contribution to increasing the efficiency and quality of our daily operations as part of the EHS team. A capable, independent person with strong communication skills successfully mastered demanding business tasks and … got a job offer.

In addition to being professional and dedicated to her work, Maja has also become a good friend to many of us.

I am extremely grateful that I was given the opportunity to work in my hometown Negotin.

Maja Paunović, EHS associate engineer
Tijana Babić

Tijana was the candidate of the first cycle of My First Salary program and in a short period of time she reached a managerial position. How? Thanks to commitment and openness to acquiring new knowledge, willingness to take responsibility but also to make suggestions. Tijana has shown an incredible ability to cooperate with partners and this is the added value she has given to the team and the entire company.

Professional approach and responsibility regarding the quality of the work done, opened the door to Tijana to a phenomenal career opportunity.

I think it’s really up to us. My value and commitment have been recognized and I am immensely grateful to my team and superiors who gave me the opportunity to show what I can do.

Tijana Babić, manager for tehnological support for waste management.
Stojan Čupić

Being a support to someone at the beginning of their career is a big and important thing. Today, it is Stojan who supports all of us!

Internship in our IT center offers various opportunities. It is a place where things change, where new solutions are created every day.

Stojan got the job he really wanted, which proves that he showed great potential and completely fit into the team.

My First Salary program provided me with a great and meaningful experience. This project is a very good starting point for all young people who want to learn and advance in their career. I learned a lot.

Stojan Čupić, IT support associate
Tamara Petrušić

Tamara refreshed our IT sector, brought new energy to the team and brought new knowledge and skills that we were developing together in the previous period.

Having a lady in IT is a huge privilege and we hope that there will be more and more of them in the future! Tamara is a real example that STEM sciences should be brought closer to the female population and they should be given the opportunity to improve in this field.

Tamara points out that My First Salary program is an excellent opportunity to work with a mentor 1 on 1.

I had support in the learning process and I acquired various knowledge and skills that I continue to apply today, as a team member.

Tamara Petrušić, application support associate
Natalija Ristić

Natalija participated in My First Salary program in the procurement sector, but the journey took her to another place.

She showed that she learns quickly, accepts new knowledge, and very responsibly and conscientiously completes all assigned tasks. All this helped her to be at the top of our list of candidates after the end of the program, and thus the opportunity arose – Natalija signed a work contract.

Today, Natalija is part of the logistics administration team, where she once again justified all our expectations.

I am happy that even after My First Salary program, I remained in the Elixir team!

Natalija Ristić, procurement administration associate
Marija Miljković

Marija showed outstanding results, a high degree of self-initiative and motivation, which is why she officially became part of the HR Elixir team even before the end of the program.

As a reinforcement of the HR team in Prahovo, Maja joined us in December 2021. Our Maja is now taking care of all of us!

The HR team gives you the opportunity to try out and participate in the recruitment and selection process, as well as teamwork. The specialty of this team is that it provides opportunities to show your creative side.

Professional and very understanding, Marija is today an important member of our HR team in Prahovo.

In addition to comprehensive experience in the field of HR, Elixir Prahovo opened the door for me to make many acquaintances, which I single out as a special charm of a large team.

Marija Miljkovć, HR associate