Organization of transport

Transport Elixir Zorka

Reliable and competitive realization of various types of transport

Our goal is to provide clients with a unified concept of logistics solutions

We cooperate with the most reliable regional, overseas and transoceanic container shippers and other providers of transport and logistics services. In addition, we have a wide network of partners, which allows our agents and logistics managers to organize the transport of goods by combining container, ship, maritime, road, rail and air transport as needed.

The quality of our service is reflected in the constant investment in equipment, machinery and storage capacity. In this way, regardless of the increase in the volume of activities, our clients can be sure that the transport will be carried out within the stipulated time and in accordance with the conditions that have been agreed upon.

Organization of transport

Overseas container transport

We organize the transport of all types of cargo – including cargo that requires special transport conditions, whether it is 20 ft, 40 ft, 40 ft HQ, frigo, ADR or other special containers.

Collective container transport

Thanks to our own storage capacities within the Port of Prahovo and the Port of Šabac, we are able to organize distribution for smaller shipments and collective container transport, whether it is import or export.

Transport of dangerous goods

In accordance with the rules and regulations, we organize transport from the client to the final destination. Our experts in the field of hazardous materials management support the entire process.

Transport of oversized cargo

As operators of the Port of Prahovo and the Port of Šabac, we are able to provide complete logistics support and transshipment of oversized cargo.

Ship transport

The organization of river and sea transport of goods is our expertise. Thanks to many years of experience for our own needs, in recent years this service has also been available to our clients.

Road transport

We organize truck transport of goods to all destinations in the region – international transport of all types of goods, transport of dangerous goods, oversized shipments and transport of goods with special permits.

Railway transport

Using railway tracks within the Port of Prahovo and Port of Šabac, we organize transport to the final destination for the needs of clients, combining all other types of transport, for all types of cargo.

Air transport

For the needs of clients, in cooperation with a specialized network of agents from all over the world, we organize transportation and delivery of air shipments to all destinations in the world, using the capacities of airports in the region.

Storage and logistics operations and customs representation

We provide goods storage services and complete support for the import and export of goods, along with the preparation of supporting documentation and representation.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Many years of experience and a professional team

With precise organization of logistics flows, cost efficiency and flexible solutions, our team will help you improve your business.

High quality and reliable service

We create logistics solutions for you that will contribute to complete client satisfaction.

Available technical capacities

The available technical capacities enable the fulfillment of clients’ requests.

Complete logistics service

All in one place.

Other logistics services

Services of the Port of Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo is the operator of the Port of Prahovo, which is located on 860 km of the right bank of the Danube River, in the immediate vicinity of the borders of three countries Serbia-Romania-Bulgaria. It has a transshipment capacity of more than one and a half million tons per year of various types of cargo. It has one port tugboat and provides the service of tugging, mooring and unmooring of vessels

Services of the Port of Šabac

Elixir Zorka is located in the Eastern Zone of Šabac, on 98 km of the waterway of the Sava River and it is the operator of the Port of Šabac. We offer our clients the transshipment service of all types of bulk and general cargo, as well as other port services.

Customs and forwarding

We provide customs clearance and forwarding services for all goods and cargo that are transshipped at our port terminals in Prahovo and Šabac.