Projects and initiatives

CSR projects and initiatives

Since its establishment in 1990, Elixir Group has helped hundreds of thousands of people through humanitarian actions.

Elixir Fondacija has continued the tradition of solidarity and through support for various initiatives has showed that support with a focus gives much better results. Below are some of the projects we highlight and are extremely proud of. These are projects that require good organization and extremely strong will, involving individuals and other organizations.

We strive for the benefit of the community and the success of each individual

National Day of Givin

We have received recognition for the development of charity and philanthropy in previous years, for engagement and assistance in projects concerning vulnerable groups of the population.

Covid crisis and reaction

At the very beginning of the Covid pandemic, we donated more than 30 million dinars to the healthcare system of Serbia, for the purchase of ventilators and medical equipment.

For the progress of Negotinska Krajina – unanimously!

As part of this Initiative, Elixir Group has invested 100 million dinars in projects that contribute to sustainable development in this environment.

Donacija Petrinje

International support

We were among the first to participate in solidarity actions and provided assistance to the citizens of Croatia and Ukraine, in cooperation with partners

Donacija đubriva Elixir Zorka

Support for Soup kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija

Every year we donate several tens of tons of fertilizer for the maintenance of the Agricultural Farm managed by the Diocese of Raška-Prizren.

Support for the improvement of social protection in Šabac

In cooperation with the Human Heart of Šabac, we support various humanitarian actions and projects that contribute to reducing poverty and improving the quality of social care.

For better educational conditions

With the aim of creating a stimulating climate for learning, every year we donate funds to educational institutions in the territory of Šabac and Negotin.

Kindergarten in the forest

The project “Kindergarten in the forest” enables children to learn and build a responsible relationship with nature. The forest becomes a “workroom” for one day, and magnifying glasses, microscopes and raincoats replace books and pencils.


Results of Elixir Fondacija

25+ M EUR

paid into the budget of the Republic of Serbia for new schools, hospitals and roads

100+ M RSD

for the road network in the municipality of Negotin since 2019

10+ M EUR

will be donated for the development of Negotin Krajina in the next 10 years

CSR is part of our vision

What is CSR for us?

Social responsibility is part of our vision, everything we do; we work for the benefit of the community and the success of each individual.

Why is sustainable development our focus?

Today, more than ever before, it is important to invest in knowledge, quality, infrastructure, environmental protection and circular economy.

How do we put intentions into action?

Elixir Fondacija was founded in December 2019, based on the long-standing commitment of Elixir Group and its member companies to socially responsible business.