Elixir Fondacija

Elixir Fondacija – supporting sustainable development of local communities 

We are oriented towards responsible business, the development of local community where we operate, as well as the entire community, with the aim of further strategic planning to support the community. 

Elixir Fondacija was founded in December 2019, based on the long-term commitment of Elixir Group and its members to socially responsible business. Priority areas of activity of Elixir Fondacija are protection and improvement of the environment and education of citizens, support for the improvement of social and health care, education, culture and sports, as well as all projects that local communities, organizations and institutions recognize as significant for further development and improvement of living conditions.

In its activities, Elixir Fondacija is guided by the universal principles of the welfare of the community, contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs, as well as the ethics of benefactors and donors, whose actions and commitment to the community in which they created are a permanent inspiration.


M EUR were paid into the budget of the Republic of Serbia for new schools, hospitals and roads


realized CSR projects


M RSD for the road network in the municipality of Negotin from 2019.


M EUR will be donated for the development of Negotinska Krajina in the next 10 years 

For the benefit of the community

Helping the local communities where we operate and contributing to their development are positioned high on the priority list of Elixir Fondacija. With our partners, we create relationships based on trust and the desire for an environment where each individual feels stability and sense of belonging..

In just two years, we have supported more than 100 projects

In less than two years since its establishment, Elixir Fondacija has developed a rich network of partners with whom it realizes numerous activities aimed at the development and strengthening of local communities. In cooperation with civic, sports, educational and ecological associations, we realize projects for the benefit of vulnerable categories of society, children, young people and the whole community. 

More on the projects we support

We are the winners of numerous awards and recognitions

Donacija 100 mil dinara za Opštinu Negotinu za CSR projekte

Elixir Fondacija has been actively participating and initiating numerous actions in the field of social responsibility since its establishment. In cooperation with local communities, all activities of Elixir Fondacija are planned in accordance with the needs of the communities in which we create. In accordance with that, we have won numerous awards for the contribution and implementation of projects and recognizing the needs of citizens.

In cooperation with others, all intentions and goals can be achieved

Elixir Fondacija has been a member of the Serbian Philanthropic Forum since its establishment, and the manager of Elixir Fondacija, Margareta Musić, has been a member of the SPF Board of Directors since 2021.

We recognize the importance of development and investment in young people

Our mission is for you to succeed.

As good education is one of the most important Goals of sustainable development, it is necessary to continuously improve the conditions for the education of the youngest, to which we contribute through cooperation with schools and faculties.

Cooperation and education
Društevna odgovornost

How can we support you?

If you have an idea that is in line with our goals, you need to download, fill out and send us a Donation Request.

Board of Directors and Director of Elixir Fondacija

Elixir Group is the founder of Elixir Fondacija with the aim of contributing to and improving the development of local communities in Šabac and Negotin in the fields of environmental protection, education, science, culture, health care and care for children and youth. Elixir Fondacija is managed by the Board of Directors and the director of Elixir Fondacija.


President and Member of the Board of Directors of Elixir Fondacija


Member of the Board of Directors of Elixir Fondacija


Member of the Board of Directors of Elixir Fondacija


Member of the Board of Directors of Elixir Fondacija

Elixir Agrar direktor drustva

Member of the Board of Directors of Elixir Fondacija


Director of Elixir Fondacija

Elixir Fondacija

Hajduk Veljkova 1
15000 Šabac, Srbija


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