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Circular economy. Technology.
Healthier environment.

High quality products

Elixir Group is the leading producer of phosphoric acid in the region and the largest producer of complex mineral fertilizers in Southeast Europe. More than 70% of production is exported to more than 85 countries on all continents.

Modern technological processes and facilities


Circular economy in the focus of business

Circular economy is an imperative and strategic priority of Elixir Group. It is complementary to all other priorities, business, development, technological, environmental and social.

A strategically significant project that strengthens the economy

Industrial Chempark Prahovo

The first industrial-chemical park in Serbia is being developed in an attractive location in Prahovo. Following the example of the most developed parks in Europe, Elixir Group offers the concept of sustainable solutions that adapt to investors.

Products and services

Products and services that help our partners and customers around the world achieve their goals.

Fosforna kiselina industrijskog kvaliteta

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is a strategic product due to the possibility of independently controlling the composition of phosphoric acid of industrial and technical quality.

Mineral fertilizers

Elixir Zorka complex mineral fertilizers are characterized by a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water solubility in the soil.

Aluminijum fluorid visokog kvaliteta

Aluminium Fluoride

Aluminium fluoride is a high-quality product, with a high concentration (typically more than 97%) and a low content of impurities.


Elixir Group provides clients with a complete service in accordance with the all in one place system. We can implement any of your transport ideas, respecting the criteria of costs optimization.

Eco Energy divizija poslovnog sistema Elixir Group

Waste management

The operator of Eco Lager facilities provides its partners and clients with solutions for safe and efficient collection, temporary storage and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


Construction and maintenance

We provide a complete service in the process of realization of civil and mechanical projects and have numerous equipment and machinery at our disposal. Elixir Craft‘s professional team provides services in the field of construction and maintenance, in accordance with standards, regulations and technical regulations.

Our mission is for you to succeed.

Career in Elixir Group

Do you have ideas that drive you forward, are you driven by the desire to contribute to society and realize your full potential? Get to know our culture, what we strive for, what benefits you can get and what positions are currently open.

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We create a legacy trough sustainable development

We are creating an environment that future generations will be proud of

We act responsibly towards the environment

Caring for people and the community comes first

Globally recognized for the quality of products and services

Synergy for Success

Elixir Zorka is the regional leader in the production of complex mineral fertilizers on the market of Southeast Europe. The product portfolio includes various NP, PK and NPK formulations of the highest quality, with a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water solubility in the soil.

Elixir Prahovo is 1 of 6 factories in Europe that produces phosphoric acid, a strategically important raw material for the production of mineral fertilizers and widely used in many industrial branches. The production processes of the chemical division are vertically technologically integrated. Part of the produced phosphorus component is used in our own production of complex mineral fertilizers and other products, and part after a complex purification process is placed on the domestic and foreign markets.

Elixir Prahovo

Thanks to expert and efficient teams with state-of-the-art equipment, Elixir Craft provides high quality service in the areas of construction and maintenance of all production and infrastructure capacities of Elixir Group business system, as well as to third parties.

Elixir Feed is the exclusive distributor of a large number of renowned global manufacturers of animal feed additives, whose sales range includes all components necessary for the production of quality animal feed and premixes.

Elixir Fondacija, in cooperation with local communities, representatives of city administrations and local communities, institutions, organizations and associations, determines priorities and provides support, realizing the idea of the well-being of the entire community.

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