Elixir Group business system management team

The business system is led by the highest level of management, experts with many years of experience at the head of all member companies and corporate functions of Elixir Group.

Our management contributes to the realization of strategy, strategic priorities, it supports innovation and growth through sustainable development.

Responsibility and sustainability

Responsibility in everything we do and sustainability for all are fundamental principles in Elixir Group’s business. Today, Elixir is the name for quality all over the world thanks to knowledge and continuous improvement in every segment of our business. That is why employees are one of the pillars on which we base the success of Elixir Group. Preservation of capacities, continuous improvement of technology, compliance with the highest standards and European regulations, as well as occupational safety and health of all employees, are imperative in our work. The second important pillar is the community in which we create and its well-being. We confirm our commitment to the community by supporting numerous projects that contribute to sustainable development. I am convinced that the synergy with the community, resulting from understanding and cooperation, provides an opportunity for mutual growth and development. Thanks to the vision of building legacy through sustainable development, we remain the leading brand, a reliable partner and a support for the community


Stanko Popović, president of Elixir Group

Top management

Executive functions in Elixir Group Business System are performed by members of top management consisting of directors of corporate functions and directors of member companies. Executive functions participate in the adoption of strategy and strategic priorities and are responsible for their implementation.

PEOPLE are the most important link in the value chain

That PEOPLE are the most important link in the value chain is confirmed by our team of exceptional professionals who, with their knowledge and experience, devoted and dedicated teamwork, have contributed to the development and achieved results so far. The biggest and most important contribution is the solid foundation on which we continue to build ambitious plans for the future of our business system. I am very grateful to them for that and immensely proud of each individual and joint success.

Zorica Popović, CEO of the Group

Vice president for finance

Direktor za strategiju i poslovni razvoj Elixir Group

Vice president for strategy

Elixir Agrar direktor drustva
Nebojša Mićić

Director of the Commercial Department Chemical Division

Igor Radoš

Director of the Commercial Department Eco Energy Division

Stevan Odavić

Director of Department Development of Industrial Services

Elixir Group
Samir Krak

Director of the Department for Real Estate Projects


Chief Communications Officer of Group

Direktor pravnih i regulatornih poslova Elixir Grouppe

Chief Corporate and Regulatory Affairs Officer of Group

Direktor Tehničkog centra Grupe

Chief Technical Officer of Group

HR manager
Jovana Odavić

HR manager of Group

Elixir Zorka direktor drustva
Stefan Komazec

Director of Elixir Zorka

Elixir Prahovo direktor društva
Ljuba Stojčić

Director of Elixir Prahovo

Dejan Veljković 
Direktor Elixir Craft
Dejan Veljković

Director of Elixir Craft

Nenad MIluti
Nenad Milutinović

Director of Elixir Engineering

Milan Joldic
Milan Joldić

Director of LTH

Director of Elixir GMBH
Matthias Predojević

Director of Elixir GMBH

Anđelka Barjaktarević

Director of Elixir Feed

Elixir Zorka direktor kontrole kvaliteta
Dejan Todorović

Director of Center for Applied Circular Economy

Monika Papić

Director of ST medicina