Super Start Internship

Super start

Super Start paid internship

We are assembling a team of exceptional people who will participate in shaping the future of Elixir Group

Super Start aims to connect the best candidates and enable them to start their career in a dynamic environment, on projects where they will be able to express their full potential. Working on large investment projects or challenging technological solutions is an unforgettable experience for every individual who joined us.

Super Start is a paid internship program intended for final year students, graduates and master’s students without work experience. The duration of the internship depends on the needs of the projects on which the candidates will work.

We have been hiring and organizing internships for young people with university education of various profiles and directions for decades. With their fresh perspective on business challenges, with good support, they contributed to the development of innovative solutions in a very short period of time.

At the end of 2021, the first cycle of the Super Start program began, which was created in accordance with the most current approaches when it comes to the Mentorship-Teaching-Coaching approach.

Super Start is developed in three directions

Program for the development of young professionals

Investment projects at Elixir Group

Sales and market presence at Elixir Agrar

3D modeling and design in the Technical Center team

super start

Our mission is for you to succeed.


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Application for the new Super Start paid internship cycle is underway

The road to success has no shortcuts
except for those who Super Start!

You will receive support so that the leader in you discovers all its potential and reaches the very top.
A career plan and a job offer await you.

Learning through challenges in an agile environment

Elixir Group is a global player. The system is focused on circular economy and the utilization of waste. Changes are daily, flexibility is essential, and curiosity and expertise make the difference.

A mentor with many years of experience, dedicated to you

The approach to each intern is individual, with a specially assigned mentor with many years of successful experience in the global business environment.

IHP Prahovo budućnot hemijske industrije

Work on the largest investment projects in a multidisciplinary team

Through these activities, you will be able to apply all the acquired knowledge, but also to learn a lot from different areas of business. You will have the opportunity to shape our future.

What does Super Start internship look like?


The first part of the internship is dedicated to familiarizing the interns with all relevant business segments, lasting at least one month. The interns visit all Elixir Group member companies and business locations.

Group rotations

In order for interns to become better acquainted with different parts of work in related sectors, a certain period is dedicated to such rotations.

Project work

With assigned mentors, interns are actively involved in daily global business, as well as specific corporate development projects that are the subject of the program.

What profiles are we looking for?

There is no list of faculties that we exclusively consider in the selection of applications. Bearing in mind that the core business of the business system is the chemical industry, the most important projects bring together the following profiles:

  • Engineering in all fields
  • Information technologies
  • Construction and architecture
  • Technology and chemistry
  • Economics and management
  • Agriculture and environmental protection
Super start

What does the Super Start selection process look like?

First you need to do is to apply!


CVs screening

Selection of applicants whose competences and educational profiles correspond to the conditions of the competition.

Online testing

On the online platform, applicants take tests concerning the general assessment of abilities and personal characteristics.


Interview with the HR team

We get to know you, but you also get to know us! You have the opportunity to get answers to all questions about us and our business.

Role Play assessment

Interesting tasks so that applicants can show their potential in teamwork on defined topics related to the business environment.


Final interview

Mentors or sector directors get to know the candidates even more closely and decide who will Super Start!

Final selection

Young talents that we estimate will best meet the needs of our business receive information about their selection, as well as a detailed onboarding plan.



Welcome! You have become a part of the fastest growing manufacturing company in Southeast Europe. Now, your unforgettable adventure begins. You will have a unique opportunity to work with the best professionals in the chemical industry and develop your professional skills and competencies through the support of mentors, HR colleagues, and all other employees. From Šabac, through Novi Sad, Belgrade, and to Prahovo, you will visit our entire business system. The journey from the west, all the way to the far east of our country, begins.

Fasten your seatbelts, we’re taking off!

Applications from students from all universities in Serbia

Elixir operates in four locations in Serbia: Prahovo, Šabac, Novi Sad and Belgrade, and for this very reason applications from students from all universities in the country are considered. Some of our largest investment projects are aimed at the region of Eastern Serbia, which has led to the economic development of the region, and expansion is still expected.

Mentoring support is very important at the beginning of a career

We carefully selected our mentors. They are full of knowledge and experience, but they also have the desire and skills to pass them on. Mentors, with their experience and established company culture, channel and direct your energy and inspiration. They listen to your ideas, ways of thinking and help you incorporate new trends into your business. A mentor directs your activities in the direction of developing the future of the company. And one more thing – mentors are at your disposal at least once a week, in a special meeting, both for your professional and personal dilemmas. Don’t forget – someone supported them in the beginning too!


What happens at the end of the internship?

Depending on the results of the evaluation of the mentor, management and the results of the work that the interns show during the internship, a re-evaluation of all interns is carried out and to our satisfaction, the best interns will be offered permanent employment in the company as well as a further career development plan.

Our desire is to help young people to find inspiration as soon as possible for the full development of their potential and to put their visions into action. Therefore, the slogan of the Super Start paid internship program is „Our mission is for you to succeed“.