Port of Šabac

International Port of Šabac

Elixir Zorka is the operator of the port of Šabac, located on 98 km of the Sava River.

Next to the eastern zone there is a modern road connected to the M-19 and M-21 main roads, which are well connected to the E-70 and E-75 highways. A railway track connected to the Serbian Railways network runs through the entire complex. The developed railway infrastructure is also an important factor in the logistic connection of companies and the transport of raw materials and finished products.

The Port of Šabac enables the transport of cargo by waterway along the Sava River and further along the Danube. In the east, the Danube directly connects Šabac with Prahovo and with the Black Sea (626 km), where the most important port in the region is located – Constanta. The Port of Constanta is the main logistics hub for onward transport to countries in Asia and Africa, and vice versa. We are also connected to all major ports in Europe via the Danube, and the Danube – Rhine – Main canal provides a navigable connection with the North Sea.

We provide transshipment services of bulk and general cargo as well as containers.


thousand tons of cargo transshipped annually


of waterway to the Danube


of storage space

Multimodality – the logistics strength of Šabac

River transport

The Port of Šabac is connected to the Danube and the most important logistics hubs.

Railway transport

There are railway tracks within the Elixir Zorka complex.

Road transport

The developed infrastructure connects Šabac with all main roads.

Services of the Port of Šabac

Oversized cargo

For the transshipment of oversized cargo, the Port of Šabac organizes the loading or unloading of cargo on/from the vessel.

The Port of Šabac enables timely distribution

We ensure successful agricultural production worldwide.

More than 70% of Elixir Zorka production is exported to the most distant destinations. Thanks to the technical capacity within the Port of Šabac, products are shipped to customers within precisely defined deadlines.

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Other logistics services

Customs and forwarding

We provide customs clearance and forwarding services for all goods and cargo that are transshipped at our port terminals in Prahovo and Šabac.

Organization of transport

We organize the transport of goods by combining container, maritime, river, road and rail transport as needed.

Services of the Port of Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo is the operator of the Port of Prahovo, which has a transshipment capacity of more than one and a half million tons per year of various types of cargo. It has one port tugboat and provides the service of tugging, mooring and unmooring of vessels.