Sustainable development

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We build a legacy through sustainable development

In accordance with strategic priorities, Elixir Group, in addition to investments in existing and innovative technologies, provides support to the communities in which it operates and contributes to their sustainable development with numerous activities.

The goals of sustainable development represent the framework of Elixir’s business strategy and build a platform for the continuous improvement of sustainable business and relations with the environment. By building partnerships through trust and establishing best practices, we create an environment that generations to come will be proud of.

The transition from linear to circular economy, in addition to the energy transformation that includes a series of strategic and operational improvements, implies the sustainability of the entire community in which we operate.

Responsible business, solidarity with vulnerable categories of the population and humanitarian actions in which we participate show a strong commitment and intention to build a legacy for the benefit of the community and the success of each individual.

We are creating an environment that future generations will be proud of

We act responsibly towards the environment

Caring for people and the community comes first

Globally recognized for the quality of products and services

Circular economy

In the concept of circular economy, waste does not exist, but only raw material that can be reused for the same or other production processes. It is a sound and sustainable system that is good for business, people and the environment.

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources are energy sources that are renewed naturally faster than they are consumed. The potentials are huge and underutilized, and technological solutions are increasingly modern and available.

Waste as an energy source

Energy production from waste is a link between climate policy, energy and circular economy. Energy production from waste is a link between climate policy, energy and circular economy.