Career development

Career development – the path to success

We are proud of the fact that a large number of our colleagues have been in the Elixir system for more than 10 years!

Over the years of our business development, a large number of employees have progressed from initial positions in the system to managerial positions. In addition to vertical, horizontal advancement in the organization is also relevant – either through assignment to new tasks, through management of additional projects, or by moving from one business segment to another.

A large number of projects, an extremely ambitious investment plan, the conquest of new technologies such as incineration and multiple stages of phosphoric acid purification, and the connection of existing branches of business into a circular economy model, make Elixir Group a unique domestic employer in the field of the chemical industry and the placement of our products on the global market.

Meet Miodrag Golubovic

He started in the automotive industry and achieved career success in the chemical industry


He started in the automotive industry and achieved his career success in the chemical industry.

Miodrag’s excellent results, the way of working, knowledge and skills lead him to the position of Senior Sales Account Manager. He was assigned a new project – AlumoFluor, from the Elixir Prahovo product portfolio.


After only six months, he deservedly became the Sales Account Manager. In addition to the Spanish market, he started to lead the project of selling granulated sulfur products and to develop the Asian market in more than 10 countries.


The ability to manage priorities and his negotiation skills brought him to the Global Sales team to develop the Spanish market. There he met new challenges and opportunities for his further personal development.

Miodrag joined the Elixir Agrar team at the position of Garden program sales manager.

Meet Vladimir Mitrovic

From production worker to director in 7 years

From a production worker to director in 7 years


Vladimir returned to Šabac and accepted the offer to lead the sector as Director of Logistics and Elixir Zorka, and today he is the Director of Port Logistics Operations.


As part of the engineering team, he put into operation the plant for the production of NPK in Elixir Prahovo. After that, he assumed the position of Supervisor of mineral fertilizer production, and a year later he became the Production Manager.


The conditions were met – Vladimir started his engineering career as a control room engineer in the Production sector. Two years later he became a shift engineer.


As a graduate engineer in electrical engineering and computer science, Vladimir joined the team at the only position that was open at that moment – Industrial packaging worker. The close contact with production had an extraordinary impact on his career.

Meet Jovana Petrovic

When abilities and professionalism go beyond obtained diplomas

When skills and professionalism go beyond acquired diplomas


After less than two years of working with the first person of the company, Jovana became the Manager of regulatory affairs of the company Eco Lager.


Dedication and immense reliability, understanding of processes and systems, people, business goals, brought Jovana to the Elixir Energy team to the position of Assistant Director.


Jovana changed several positions in one year, from Business Documentation Administrator at Elixir Group, Systematization Specialist, to Restaurant Manager, who then started working in our administrative building in Novi Sad.

You want to become part of our team?

Our company is constantly growing, our investments are supported by hardworking and professional people. We are focusing on positions that will strengthen, first of all, our production members – Elixir Zorka and Elixir Prahovo.

Life of the Future – Elixir Garden

Elixir Garden Negotin briga o porodici
Elixir Garden Negotin stanovi za porodice
Elixir Garden Negotin mesto za uzivanje
Elixir Garden Negotin shopping mall
Elixir Garden Negotin naselje
Elixir Garden Negotin stambeni kompeks

We are building a residential area where our employees will live according to the highest standards of modern living.

Shopping center, kindergarten, library, sports fields, playgrounds.

The company’s strategy is defined in accordance with the goals we want to achieve. On this path, we share the same vision and want to succeed. Each of us and together.

We create a legacy through sustainable development for future generations and create better living conditions for our employees and the communities in which we operate.