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Elixir Feed – Leading supplier of feed additives

We cooperate with global companies that are leaders in innovative solutions in animal feed additives.

The core activity of Elixir Feed is the distribution of feed additives. For more than 15 years, the company has been the exclusive distributor of a large number of renowned global manufacturers, and the sales range includes all the additives necessary for the production of quality animal feed and premixes: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phosphates, enzymes, aromas. Elixir Feed constantly records an increase in the volume of sales on the domestic market, and is also present in the countries of the region.

About 80% of factories in Serbia are supplied with raw materials and feed additives in cooperation with Elixir Feed, and the increasing number of new customers speaks of the professional approach of the employees and the quality of the products. Elixir Feed is also the absolute leader in the sale of lysine on the Serbian market with a share of around 60-70%. The key to sustainable success on the market lies in the reliability of the organization, high quality standards and product safety while respecting the rational use of natural resources.

All products in Elixir Feed range of products fully meet the requirements of domestic and EU legal norms and regulations in terms of quality. The products themselves and the accompanying documentation provided by Elixir Feed enable the fulfillment of GMP and HACCP requirements in production.


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Focus on the client

The services and products provided by Elixir Feed are carefully tailored to the specific needs of business partners and end users. The expertise of Elixir Feed employees enables the company to provide its clients with a comprehensive service covering the field of animal feed production and animal nutrition.

Elixir Feed

Part of the global community

Since its establishment, Elixir Feed has been cooperating with global companies that are leaders in innovative solutions in feed additives. Thanks to this cooperation, Elixir Feed has earned the title of a reliable partner for the market of Serbia, as well as the region.

Top quality feed additives and premixes

Vitamins, microelements, amino acids, antibiotics, growth enhancers, antioxidants, coccidiostats, anthelmintics, ferments, emulsifiers, carotenoids and xanthophylls, aromas etc.

In accordance with world standards

By implementing the HACCP system, we ensure that the overall quality and safety of food always complies with the specified requirements regarding correctness and full health safety. Procurement and storage are part of regular supervision by authorized authorities.

Elixir Feed fulfills the requirements in accordance with the legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia, which refer to imported packaging, packaging that is produced, i.e. put into circulation and all packaging waste.

Benefits of using Elixir Feed additives

  • Better utilization of feed
  • Better production and reproductive performance of animals
  • Immunostimulation of animals
  • Extending the shelf life of feed and feed hygiene
  • Reducing the cost of feed

We have been building up our knowledge since 1990.

The history of Elixir Feed Additives began in 1990 when this activity was started as an integral part of a factory for the production of animal feed. Elixir Feed has been operating on the market as an independent company since May 2007 and as a member of Elixir Group business system is building a leadership position on the market in its business segment.

Elixir Group istorija i tradicija

Elixir Feed Top Management

The company is run by people with many years of international experience and expertise in the chemical industry.


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Elixir Feed

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