Why Elixir Group? Our mission is for you to succeed.

Do you have ideas that drive you forward, are you driven by the desire to contribute to society and realize your full potential?

Elixir Group bases its tradition in business, as well as its future, on the selection and hiring of highly professional, moral and ethical personnel, as well as on their continuous professional development. As part of our team, you will enjoy a positive, stimulating and humane environment – with opportunities for growth, access to modern technologies, in a place that values different perspectives.

A team of experts with enviable experience and talent has been improved by the company’s careful work on employee motivation and education. Knowledge, expertise and skills of employees are improved through selected trainings and education programs.

The main locations where we operate are Prahovo (near the town of Negotin), Šabac, Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Join the family of 1800 employees, in the fastest growing manufacturing domestic company!

Our company is constantly growing

We are focusing on positions that will strengthen, first of all, our production members – Elixir Zorka and Elixir Prahovo. The professions we are looking for are engineers – mechanical, electrical and civil. We have constantly open vacancies for jobs related to the expansion and improvement of logistics operations. Everyone interested in working in world-class production, quality and maintenance is welcome here; all mechanical and electrical specialists, traffic technicians, process technicians, operators, forklift operators, warehouse workers. Our investments are supported by hardworking and professional people.

Our employees use a wide range of benefits


Private personal health insurance

With the insurance company with which the Employer has concluded a contract on that basis.

Private pension insurance

With the participation of the Employer, with the insurance company with which the Employer has concluded a contract.

Jubilee awards

In the amount of 50% of the employee’s monthly net salary for each completed 5 years of employment.

We take special care of each employee’s family

That’s why we also have special benefits – and if both spouses/parents are our employees, they both receive help on the following grounds:

1000 EUR for entering into marriage

Solidarity assistance to the employee in the amount of 1,000 euros based on entering into marriage

1000 EUR for the birth of a child

Solidarity assistance to the employee in the amount of 1,000 euros based on the birth of each child

Why do people choose us?

A sense of belonging

We live by the same values. We set and achieve goals together. We sincerely believe that every employee can push their limits and expand their horizons with us, and achieve full professional and personal development.

We encourage learning

We motivate our employees to find their ideal career path, but we also help them to do so. Our goal is that our experts can proudly stand side by side with the best ones in the world, and be role models in their professions.

We are responsible

We are focused on the rational use of natural resources and sustainable development. We are working intensively on the idea of circular economy that connects all members of our system, and includes new branches of our businesses.

The company’s culture is, above all, open

We welcome everyone with confidence that we will work together, as partners.

This means that we want and expect new ideas, because they are generators of growth and inspiration. It means that we expect and appreciate feedback – because based on the feedback we not only know where we are, but also where we can improve. We live and work constructively – focused on solutions and better understanding and connection. We are professional and act with integrity – we know what we have achieved so far, but also how much more we can do, according to the highest business standards.

What are we striving for?
Super start

Super Start Internship

Super Start paid internship is a program that aims to give final year students or graduates with no experience the opportunity to develop their full potential by working on large projects.


Education and cooperation

We support various projects in the field of education and cooperate with a large number of institutions so that young people have the opportunity to combine theory and practice.

The education system of the Republic of Serbia is our most important partner in business support, through two main directions of development. Partnerships with secondary education institutions, primarily through dual education programs. Partnerships with organizations of professional and higher education studies, through cooperation.

Elixir Group Najbolji poslodavci i prilike za mlade

Career development

Our mission is for you to succeed. Every year, we hire a large number of young experts and work intensively on their training, through various forms of work. The most common are mentoring, on-the-job training, but also shadowing, visits to domestic and foreign conferences and fairs, as well as involvement in new technology development projects and improvement of existing ones.

Our mission is for you to succeed.

The policy of human capital management is based on the principle of providing equal opportunities to all candidates, excluding any form of discrimination, deciding on the work engagement of candidates solely on the basis of their qualifications and competencies, as well as monitoring the results of the employees’ work.

In our extremely dynamic work environment, based on defined business and ethical standards of work and behavior, the basic values are teamwork, mutual respect and appreciation of knowledge, experience and diversity, employee motivation, as well as the synergy of individual potentials with the interests of all companies in our business system.