Specialized in designing project-technical documentation.

The diverse expertise of our team enables us to provide a multifaceted technical approach backed by field experience.

In its work, Elixir Engineering applies the approach of think globally, act locally. In this way, there is a constant aspiration to improve, learn and acquire new knowledge and technologies, with the aim of advancing the sustainable development of Elixir Group, and thus achieving progress of the society and the region as well. When designing a project, we remain technologically and materially neutral, choosing the best possible solution for our client without the influence of certain license holders and equipment suppliers. In addition to projects in the chemical industry, Elixir Engineering plays a significant role in the energy transition towards sustainable development and circular economy, having in its portfolio a large selection of end-to-end solutions for that branch of industry.

In its work, as an aspiration to approach every job in the most adequate and comprehensive way, Elixir Engineering establishes cooperation with all scientific and educational institutions in the country and abroad, as well as with companies that have extensive experience in the desired field of work.




What are we striving for?

Our goal is that the scope of our services as well as the geographical presence grows with time, so that in the future we will be recognized as one of the world’s leading companies in the field of industrial engineering. We see the success of our partners and clients as our success and accordingly strive to create long-term strategic partnership relationships, to emphasize the optimization process and focus on details in the entire investment cycle.

Inženjering usluge

Our services

The in-house scope of knowledge in the field of planning, construction and management of industrial plants allows us to manage the entire value chain, from site development, conceptual design, as-built survey to FEED (front-end engineering design) studies and further to the final projects.

  • New constructionGreenfield investment

This implies the development of new locations from the first sketches to the built facility.

  • Reconstruction, rehabilitation, adaptationBrownfield investment

This implies work on existing infrastructure and facilities.

Highly professional team

Our team consists of engineers with extensive experience in the industry, in all phases of the project, from conceptual design to plant commissioning and plant management. Employees at Elixir Engineering are client-oriented and react very quickly to any situation. We understand that the way to earn and maintain customer loyalty is to be very honest, reliable and provide affordable engineering services that create solutions that work every time. Our team has extensive experience with various technology licensees and equipment manufacturers.

Our mission is for you to succeed

Career in Elixir Group

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