Logistics and cargo transport

We can implement any of your transport ideas, respecting the criteria of costs optimization.

Elixir Group provides clients with a complete service in accordance with the all in one place system, i.e. with one service provider. In the fulfillment of logistics requirements, a special emphasis is placed on the use of the capacities of the Port of Prahovo and the Port of Šabac with forwarding services.

All companies of Elixir Group business system are logistically and administratively connected. They are located in cities on the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers – the transport arteries of the region. Many years of experience in transporting cargo for own needs and operating ports have influenced the expansion of activities and the provision of services to third parties.

Today, Elixir Group offers all interested parties a high-quality and reliable organization of transport and forwarding, so that the goods reach their final destination within the planned deadline. In cooperation with the most prominent overseas and transoceanic container shippers, we organize the transport of all types of container equipment for different types of cargo. The container transport service can include, in addition to customs clearance, phyto, sanitary and x-ray examinations as well as other accompanying services.

Services that we provide

Port of Prahovo

Elixir Prahovo is the operator of the Port of Prahovo, which is located on 860 km of the right bank of the Danube River, in the immediate vicinity of the borders of three countries Serbia-Romania-Bulgaria. It has a transshipment capacity of more than one and a half million tons per year of various types of cargo. It has one port tugboat and provides the service of tugging, mooring and unmooring of vessels.

Port of Šabac

Elixir Zorka is located in the Eastern Zone of Šabac, on 98 km of the waterway of the Sava River and it is the operator of the Port of Šabac. In addition to transshipment of cargo for the needs of the factory, the Port of Šabac provides the service of transshipment of bulk and general cargo for the needs of service users.

Customs and forwarding

We provide customs clearance and forwarding services for all goods and cargo that are transshipped at our port terminals in Prahovo and Šabac.

Port of Prahovo is one of the largest ports in Serbia.

Transshipment services of bulk and general cargo

All activities and operations are carried out in accordance with regulations. The extremely favorable geographical position and connection with the road and railway infrastructure is the main strength of our ports.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Many years of experience and a professional team

With precise organization of logistics flows, cost efficiency and flexible solutions, our team will help you improve your business.

High quality and reliable service

We create logistics solutions for you that will contribute to full client satisfaction.

Available technical capacities

The available technical capacities enable the fulfillment of clients’ requests.

Complete logistics service

All in one place.