Mission and vision

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Who are we and what are we striving for?

We are a business system that brings together top professionals. The leader in Southeast Europe in the chemical industry, initiator of the largest investment projects in Serbia, implementer of modern technologies in its production complexes, a company that cooperates with more than 85 countries on all continents. We are a team that builds future experts.

We are innovators and initiators of change. We are not just part of the system, we build the system.

We build a legacy through sustainable development by applying the principles of circular economy, the synergy of knowledge and the dedicated work of each member of our team. We are proud of our two production complexes that have raised the chemical industry and the impact on the quality of life of every individual to a higher level.

Elixir Group is a complex and rapidly growing system, which simultaneously works to expand the field of business to new business areas, as well as to improve existing ones. We are committed to ensuring that all our employees fully develop their creative potential and talents – especially those who are aligned with our competency system.



We plan, produce and grow responsibly, acquiring new knowledge and skills. We create new value, build partnerships through trust and achieve victories together!



We build a legacy through sustainable development for the benefit of the community and the success of each individual.

Our values


We know what we are talking about.

If someone expresses a desire to upgrade and learn, it is our duty to support him/her.

Other people can be sure of me, when they believe and know that what we agreed on will be fulfilled.

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We know who we are.

Our culture is based on knowledge and expertise. In our relationship with partners, clients and colleagues, we recognize, nurture and develop diversity.

Do for others what you want them to do for you. Morality and dignity, always think about what you leave behind.


We can look everyone straight in the eyes.

When you are honest and focused on each other, with faith in good intentions, you have the possibility to live success.

Active listening and acceptance of differences are the starting point for healthy relationships and building mutual trust and respect.

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With heart and head.

Commitment is the key driving force. We are dedicated and persistent in the realization of all our goals.

If we commit ourselves to building team spirit, the result is unity, if we commit ourselves to preserving personal and other people’s dignity and keep our word, the result is trust and integrity.


Together we are Elixir.

An organization is worth as much as the people who work in it. We are a unique and united team. Our strength is the sum of our passions and talents.

We want our colleagues to be proud of their work, to feel a sense of belonging. From that come healthy synergy, new ideas and success.

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Agile organizational culture through competence development

Our first focus is the development of a constructive and agile organizational culture, with a focus on the constant development of competences of our employees.

  • Clear and effective communication
  • Analyticity
  • Accuracy in defining and solving business problems
  • Ability to think about a problem through different scenarios – versions that lead to the solution
  • Task-orientation
  • Persistence in work until the defined goal is reached
  • Cooperation – both with colleagues and business partners
  • Flexibility in changing commitment to set tasks (Agility)
  • Resistance to stress and adaptation to stressful situations
  • Plasticity in thinking and implementation – the ability to adopt new knowledge and ideas
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You want to become part of our team

Our company is constantly growing, our investments are supported by hardworking and professional people. We are focusing on positions that will strengthen, first of all, our production members – Elixir Zorku i Elixir Prahovo.

Open positions

We create talents for long-term projects

We combine the knowledge acquired at school or university with the practice that is necessary in the education process. We believe that skills and knowledge are acquired fastest through real projects and tasks.

We achieve goals and priorities together

The company’s strategy is defined in accordance with the goals we want to achieve. On this path, we share the same vision and want to succeed. Each of us and together.

Elixir Group is the innovator and initiator of change

We build a legacy through sustainable development for future generations and create better living conditions for our employees and the communities in which we operate.