We achieve goals and priorities

We strive to create a positive, winning culture within the system, which will contribute to further growth and development.

The business system is based on the principles of best business practice, the application of modern technological solutions, continuous investments and the employment of professional and educated talents.

Strateški prioriteti

Strategic priorities

Innovation and development are strategic priorities but also the driving force of Elixir Group business system. Accordingly, Elixir continuously improves its production and organizational processes, thereby achieving quality, efficiency and competitiveness, while at the same time strengthening the competencies of employees. In an increasingly demanding market, being recognized for quality and maintaining the leadership position in modern business conditions is not an easy challenge. That is why customer focus and operational excellence are among the strategic priorities.


To ensure sustainable development and a leadership position with the quality and uniqueness of products, taking care of safety, health and the environment.


To build a sustainable comparative advantage through technological and infrastructural development and the creation of a new unique service within the Industrial Chempark.

Operational excellence

To ensure process efficiency, savings, invest in new opportunities for development and improvements.


To live a winning culture based on company values. To be a desirable and recognizable employer.

Focus on the client

To be the preferred partner of our customers, build long-term partner relationships and acquire new clients.

A strategically significant project that strengthens the economy

Industrial Chempark Prahovo

The first industrial-chemical park in Serbia is being developed in an attractive location in Prahovo. Following the example of the most developed parks in Europe, Elixir Group offers the concept of sustainable solutions that adapt to investors.

Company promises

Promises to partners

We are reliable, we create security through long-term, partner relationships. We develop together, exchange experiences and apply new technologies.

A promise to the community

We support the local community in sustainable development, contribute to balanced regional development and motivate others to contribute; we are responsible for the environment in which we create.

A promise to employees

Security, openness to career development, evaluation of work results and mutual respect.

A promise to owners

We guarantee commitment to the realization of the company’s strategy, vision and mission, we ensure growth and development in accordance with corporate values.

Kompanijska obećanja


Annual reports of Elixir Group business system

See reports on business, social impact and environmental protection.

Get to know our system

Activities of Elixir Group

All our companies operate within three divisions: Chemical, Eco Energy and Industrial Services Division. Find out more about business system activities.

Member companies

Our family consists of six member companies that collaborate with each other and make the business system successful and innovative. More than 1800 professionals contribute to our development every day.

Sustainability and responsibility

We are focused on sustainable development and responsibility towards the communities in which we operate…