Eco Energy division

Waste as a source of alternative resources

Modern and sustainable solutions form the backbone of the development of the Eco Energy division.

The development and operation of the Eco Energy division is based on the synergy of waste management, environmental protection, technology and economics. The main goal of the division is to ensure resource efficiency while optimizing production costs both for the needs of existing and for the needs of future production processes at the locations of our industrial complexes.

The Eco Energy division is being developed through technologically modern waste management operations, including recycling and reuse and obtaining energy from alternative and renewable sources.

We implement waste management services guided by the strategy of sustainable development and the application of circular economy principles.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The decarbonization strategy is an integral part of our development and investment strategy.

The strategically important contribution of the Eco Energy division is reflected in the decarbonization of the sources of thermal and electrical energy needed for the production processes of the chemical division.

CO2 neutrality by 2030

By investing in renewable energy sources and maximizing circularity in production processes, the goal is to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2030.

Solar power plant by 2028

Decarbonization of electrical energy sources by 65% by 2028.

Phase II Biomethane by 2027

Decarbonization of electrical energy by 35% by 2027 and decarbonization of 10% of thermal energy + chemical recycling of plastics.

Phase I Biomethane by 2026

Decarbonization of thermal energy by 20% by 2026.

Phase II of Waste to Energy by 2025

Decarbonization of thermal energy by 35% by 2025.

Phase I Waste to Energy by 2024

Decarbonization of thermal energy by 35% by 2024.

Compliance with EU regulations

Resource efficiency and optimization of production costs

Waste to Energy

Observing the model of the developed countries of the world, the Eco Energy division implements the Waste to Energy concept of using thermal energy obtained from alternative energy sources with the decarbonization of 70% of the thermal energy used in the production processes of the chemical division.

Renewable energy sources

Biomethane and substitution of fossil fuels with renewable sources of thermal and electrical energy and decarbonization of 35% of own electrical energy needs by 2027.

The final decarbonization solution is a solar power plant that will meet the remaining 65% of electrical energy needs by 2028.

Solar elek

Eco Energy division services

For a waste-free environment, we provide management services for different types of industrial waste:

Waste collection

Respecting all safety measures, our technologists and operators responsibly collect waste from the agreed location.

Privremeno skladistenje Eco Lager postrojenja

Temporary waste storage

We store various types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in an organized and legally regulated manner.

Eco Lager upravljanje otpadom

Waste disposal

We dispose of waste in accordance with the goals of sustainable development and environmental protection.

Elixir Group i cirkularna ekonomija

Waste management according to 5R principles

Refuse – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – Recovery

Operating according to all relevant legal regulations, all Elixir Group activities are dedicated to waste management according to the 5R principles.

The model of material circulation, i.e. its reuse, contributes to reducing the use of energy, raw materials, water and other resources that are basic industrial raw materials.

Circular economy


Production in accordance with international standards

In accordance with our vision and determination to base solutions on the principles of sustainable development, an integrated approach to environmental impact control is applied in our facilities.

This approach implies efficiency in the consumption of raw materials and energy sources, minimization of emissions of polluting substances and waste management in accordance with the requirements of legal regulations, international standards and examples of best industrial practice.

More on standards

Other activities of the business system

Chemical Division

Elixir Group is the leading producer of phosphoric acid and complex mineral fertilizers in Southeast Europe with two production complexes in Šabac and Prahovo. With an annual production of over one million tons, we sell 70% of our products to foreign markets in over 80 countries on all continents.


Industrial Services Division

Elixir Group offers clients services and support in the field of logistics and transport, construction and maintenance, cooperation in the field of circular economy and waste management, as well as design services.


Environmental protection

Preservation of the environment is of primary importance for the life of each of us, as well as for the life of future generations.


Being responsible for the environment in which we create, technological processes in our facilities are aligned with all relevant legal regulations of the Republic of Serbia and European standards, directives and goals.


We are committed to global and regional goals of sustainable development, decarbonization of production and business processes, and continuous improvements in resource and technological efficiency.


We measure the successfulness of sustainable industrial development through the contribution to the development of local communities and the satisfaction of our fellow citizens.