Super Start NP 10:35

Microgranulated fertilizer that allows the cultivated plant to overcome stressful conditions that may occur in the initial stages of growth and development

By applying Super Start, we provide plants with the necessary amounts of easily accessible nutrients in the initial stages when they are sensitive to their lack or inaccessibility.

Super Start is applied ultra-locally, simultaneously with sowing or planting with the help of a device for depositing microgranules located on the seeder or planter.

By depositing nutrients in the seed zone, we ensure an intensive and smooth growth of cultivated crops, especially in unfavorable and stressful conditions of the external environment, ensuring an increase and stability of yields.

Thanks to the high content of phosphorus (P) and the presence of zinc (Zn), it has an intensive effect on the growth of the root system and better rooting of crops.

A stronger and deeper root system makes better use of existing water supplies, as well as nutrients from the deeper layers of the soil. Such plants then have a more intensive above-ground growth and go through their phases of growth and development in optimal terms.

Super Start enables the cultivated plant to overcome stressful conditions that may appear in the initial stages of development and leave significant consequences for the plant and the expected yield.

With faster initial growth, the cultivated plant overshadows the weed plants, reducing the negative impact of the weeds on the cultivated plant.

It significantly mitigates the negative impact of cold and wet soils on the uptake of nutrients.

The economic effect of Super Start fertilizer is noticeable in the year of application, especially in limited conditions for the development of young plants.

What does Super Start NP 10:35 contain?

Each granule is characterized by a balanced ratio of nutrients.

NITROGEN (N) total 10%
Ammoniacal nitrogen 10%
PHOSPHORUS PENTOXIDE (P2O5) soluble in NAC and in water 35%
Phosphorus(V)oxide (P2O5) water-soluble 30%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) total 2%
Sulfur (S) water-soluble 5%
Zinc (Zn) total 2%

By applying Super Start NP 10:35 +2% MgO + 5% S +2% Zn formulation you enable the cultivated plants to grow fast, evenly and with a higher yield stability

Why to apply Super Start NP 10:35?

  • It promotes and accelerates the initial growth of the young plant
  • It helps plants to form a developed and powerful root system
  • It ensures high efficiency of nutrient utilization from Super Start during the growing season
  • It ensures better use of nutrients and water from soil reserves
  • It significantly mitigates the negative impact of cold and wet soils on the uptake of nutrients
  • It has a favorable effect on the length of grain filling period
  • It increases the quality of the product
  • It reduces the negative effects of pathogens that affect the growth and development of plants
  • It improves the storage properties of the product

Recommended application of Super Start NP 10:35

Plant specieskg/ha*
Sugar beet30-35
Cereal grains20-40
The recommended quantities are determined by the method of production, the results of agrochemical analyses and the type of soil, planned yields and needs of plant species, climatic conditions…

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Application of SuperStart and NutriBOOST formulations in a guest appearance on the TV show Bolja zemlja

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Elixir Zorka mineral fertilizers


For the successful production of potatoes, the balance of mineral nutrients in the soil is very important. High yields cannot be achieved on plots where certain mineral elements are missing


Experiences in crop farming have shown that good results in the production of cereal grains are achieved using NP and NPK formulations with emphasized phosphorus (P).


From the point of view of applying nutrients to onions, the greatest needs are in potassium (K) and nitrogen (N), and slightly less in phosphorus (P), therefore, accordingly, you should choose formulations that have an emphasis on potassium (K) and that contain sulfur (S)


The production range of the Elixir Zorka mineral fertilizer factory includes a range of different formulations that meet the requirements of corn production due to their ratio of nutritious elements.


Intensive production and good yields of garlic require timely and high-quality execution of all agrotechnical measures. The needs of garlic in nutrients are mostly related to nitrogen (N) and potassium (K) and somewhat less to phosphorus (P).


Increased requirements for potassium (K) also determine the choice of formulation that should be applied in the production of watermelons.


Adequate nutrient balancing in the soil is very important for the successful production of soybeans, where stable and high yields cannot be expected without the appropriate application of complex mineral fertilizers.


In the initial stages, it consumes smaller amounts of nutrients in order to intensify them in the later stages of growth and development. By yield, this plant species absorbs the most potassium (K) and nitrogen (N), while the need for phosphorus (P) is less.

Sugar beet

Sugar beet belongs to plants with an increased demand for potassium and is a big consumer of nutrients. In practice, various NPK formulations with an increased proportion of potassium (K) or PK formulations with a certain ratio of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are used.


Tomatoes, like most vegetable crops, require the most potassium (K) of all macroelements. Its consumption is most intense during the intense growth of the plant, flowering, fruit formation and fruit development

Microgranular fertilizers

Webinar – Intensive and modern production in agriculturally developed countries classifies the use of microgranules as regular technical measures

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