Sunflower fertilization recommendations

Sunflower is a plant species that develops a powerful root system and a large above-ground mass, which is why it has a high need for nutrients

Sunflower creates a large amount of organic matter. To achieve high and stable sunflower yields, special attention should be paid to proper mineral nutrition, i.e. balanced fertilization. The quantities of mineral fertilizers that should be applied should definitely be based on the results of soil analysis, i.e. fertility control.

One of the basic characteristics of sunflower is its strong root system, which allows it to use nutrients from deeper layers that are unavailable to other crops, however, this does not mean that the application of NPK fertilizers should be reduced or omitted, which can often be encountered in practice.

Sunflower belongs to plant species with increased potassium requirements, and it is recommended to use formulations with a higher proportion of potassium (K) in the production technology.

Elixir Zorka has several products in its range of products that, according to their ratio of nutrients, represent an excellent solution for achieving high-quality and high yields of sunflower.

Which mineral fertilizer do we recommend for the sunflower crop

The product NPK 8:15:15 + 3% Ca + 9% S is used in the fertilization of a large number of plant species due to the uniform ratio of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). It is characterized by good solubility and accessibility of phosphorus (P) during the vegetation period

The product NPK 6:12:24 + 6% S in terms of its ratio of nutrients represents a well-balanced formulation for achieving high and stable yields of all cultivated plants that have an increased need for potassium (K)

AmoSulfan belongs to the category of nitrogen fertilizers. It is extremely suitable for feeding all types of plants. The use of AmoSulfan significantly improves the availability and uptake of phosphorus on alkaline and neutral soils

NutriBOOST NP 10:45 + 5% S + 1% Zn is a new generation microgranulated fertilizer with a special additive that protects phosphorus (P) from blocking in the soil, preventing its reaction with other elements such as Ca, Al and Fe

NutriBOOST NP 10:45

By applying NutriBOOST fertilizer, phosphorus is protected.

Phosphorus is very important for fertilization processes in plants as well as for good rooting and strengthening of the root system. Nitrogen (N), which is used independently of other macroelements in the corn crop, should include formulations with a higher proportion of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in the production technology.


How do we help our clients and partners

Expert advice

In the process of selecting an adequate nutrient for the sunflower crop, our experts are always at the disposal of agricultural producers. By choosing products from the range of Elixir Zorka mineral fertilizers, based on the analysis of the soil and the needs of the cultivated crop, agricultural producers enable the cultivated plants to have a balanced growth and development, as well as stable and high yields.

Stable growth and high yields

Proper growth and development of plants requires a balanced balance of nutrients found in the soil. Elixir Zorka complex mineral fertilizers are characterized by a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water solubility in the soil.

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