Mineral fertilizer production – Factories in Prahovo and Šabac

  • Production of phosphoric acid – Potential for 165,000 t
  • Production of complex mineral fertilizers in Šabac and Prahovo – annual capacity of 600,000 t
  • Production of NPK fertilizers with special formulations (with microelements, useful bacteria, slow-release additives)
  • Potential for the development of phosphoric acid products
SALE AND DISTRIBUTION OF MINERAL FERTILIZERS – on domestic and foreign markets
  • Cooperation in agricultural production
  • Purchase and export of cereals, fruits and other agricultural products
  • Three cold storage units in Šabac, Bajina Bašta and Ivanjica
  • Storage of one-time capacity is 18,500 t
  • Key products: Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Blackberry, Plum, Apricot, Peper…
  • Cooperation in agricultural production
  • Purchase and export of cereals, fruits and other agricultural products
  • Trade in agricultural raw products
  • Distribution of feed additives and premixtures


The Elixir Group chemical division is made up of the following members: Elixir Prahovo, Elixir Zorka and Elixir Agrar.

The activity of the group is based on a vertically integrated value chain, from the production process to the distribution of finished products, with prospects for further sustainable development through the diversification of production programs and the conquest of the global market.

The Vision of Elixir Group’s chemical division is to become a globally recognizable brand on the mineral fertilizer market by 2020, and a regional leader in the chemical industry while maintaining the leading position on the Serbian market.

Elixir Prahovo produces 165,000 tons of phosphoric acid, which is a strategically important raw material in the production of complex mineral fertilizers and defines the development of the Company in the direction of further purification of phosphoric acid into Feed salt, of technical and food quality. 2017 was the year a new plant for NPK fertilizer production was opened, with an annual capacity of 250,000 tons.

Elixir Zorka is a regional leader in the production of complex mineral fertilizers. Elixir Zorka’s production includes various formulations for the highest quality mineral fertilizers, with a high concentration of nutrients, uniform granulation and high water-solubility in the soil. It’s production capacity is 1,000 tons of mineral fertilizer per day or about 325,000 tons per year.

Elixir Agrar is involved in the sale of mineral fertilizers, trade and commodity exchange in the agrarian sector, as well as cooperation for various plant crops and mercantile goods. Elixir Agrar successfully markets Elixir Zorka’s and Elixir Prahovo’s products in 32 countries worldwide.

Elixir Food is one of the largest frozen fruit processors and exporters in Serbia. Fruits and vegetables, produced in regions of Serbia known for their quality, are processed at three locations: Šabac, Bajina Bašta and Ivanjica.

Elixir Feed is an exclusive distributor for a number of world renowned animal feed additive producers whose sales ranges include all components necessary for the production of high-quality feed and premixes.